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Joshua & Georgia

'After getting engaged I knew immediately that I wanted our wedding to be personal to us both and have small details that would really make all the difference. I spent many hours looking at stationery packages including all the essentials; invitations, rsvp’s, table names etc, but I was forever disappointed. They were nice but they didn’t mean anything to me and they all seemed very similar.


It was at this point I spoke to Lydia. My best friend who has the most incredible artistic talent with anything that I have ever seen. I spoke to her about what style I wanted our wedding to be, British countryside with the beach too. It was this combination that was making the online search engine very confused! However, Lydia came up with some ideas over the phone and I knew immediately that she understood. More than that, Lydia created items from my imagination that I would have no idea how to do so.


It was when I was sent the initial invite draft that I cried like a four year old, I promise I wasn’t a crazy bride either! For me, it was exactly how I imagined them to be and much more. She had created two invites that were perfectly in sync with one another for both the traditional country house wedding and then the relaxed beach reception. Having done such a fantastic job with the invites I then gave Lydia my list. I thought she may say I’m not sure but without haste she had loads of ideas and drawings that were being sent to me regularly. All the time Lydia would listen to my thoughts and concerns about the venues and the logistics of some of the stationery. She was truly fantastic - I know I am biased but it felt such an easy and exciting journey.


All in all Lydia basically did everything creative for our wedding. She created invites, rsvp’s, quotes, hen party gifts, table names, table places and a gorgeous guest tree. I can not thank her enough and truly felt like the luckiest bride in the world to have someone so caring, thoughtful and talented helping us with such a crucial part of the day. Sometimes you just need one part of your wedding to be easy and perfect and I promise you its Lydia.'

Andy & Ginette

'Lydia designed, created and printed our save the date invitations and wedding invitations. She also made a beautiful wedding tree picture and created memory/advice cards for our guests to complete, with a painted wooden box for us to keep them in. Everything Lydia made for us was exquisite and her attention to detail was remarkable. We wanted something different from the factory-made products we could have chosen; the personal touch was very important to us and Lydia delivered! So many of our guests remarked on the invitations, saying that they were the most beautiful they had ever seen, and the wedding tree picture is something we will always treasure as a reminder of our day.'

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